TransPlan is powerful software system for Traffic Analysis and Transport Planning. TransPlan features for:

  1. Signalized Intersection Capacity analysis as per Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) by Transportation Research Board,
  2. Traffic Analysis to obtain Peak Hour Factor, Seasonal Variation Factor, Traffic Homogeneous Sections, Tollable Traffic, ADT, AADT, Transport Demand Elasticity, Traffic Projections, Capacity and Level of Service (LOS),
  3. Equivalent Standard Axle Load (ESAL/MSA),
  4. Economic Analysis for a highway project
  5. Financial Analysis for a highway project
  6. Computation of Toll Rates
  7. Toolkit with guide for Road Asset Management.

TransPlan is to be downloaded from web site and it is to be installed in user’s PC/Laptop where the license is to be made, The License is web based, and during its validity it cannot be shifted to another PC/Laptop. For procuring TransPlan we request you to send your Order/Request with your address complete with Post Code and Telephone number to our email addresses as mentioned below. Next, we shall send you the Invoice for making the payment. Once the payment is received we shall send the License Key.