TransPlan is powerful software system for Traffic Analysis and Transport Planning. TransPlan features for:

  1. Signalized Intersection Capacity analysis as per Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) by Transportation Research Board,
  2. Traffic Analysis to obtain Peak Hour Factor, Seasonal Variation Factor, Traffic Homogeneous Sections, Tollable Traffic, ADT, AADT, Transport Demand Elasticity, Traffic Projections, Capacity and Level of Service (LOS),
  3. Equivalent Standard Axle Load (ESAL/MSA),
  4. Economic Analysis for a highway project
  5. Financial Analysis for a highway project
  6. Computation of Toll Rates
  7. Toolkit with guide for Road Asset Management.

TransPlan License is USB Dongle based, the package contains the following items:

  1. Installation Setup DVD
  2. Users Manual, and various Tutorials on real project data in separate DVD.
  3. USB Dongle,